nice guys comic

#61 - Nice Guy

White Knights wear many armors.

There has been much wind generated in all the verbal scorn that feminists shout about the dreaded "Nice Guy". They are lambasted by feminists for having ulterior motives for their prefferential treatment of women. Generally bearded, somewhat effeminite, and lacking assertiveness, they are not that visually distinct from male feminists.

Indeed it would seem that they are not far removed from male feminists in terms of the misogyny they are accused of either. One of the most stark examples is that of Hugo Schwyzer. Formerly a writer for the feminist website, Jezebel, Schwyzer had (finally) become a person non grata in feminist circles after years of having sex with his undergrate students, cheating on his wife, and a 1998 murder-suicide attempt against his girlfriend at the time.

With allies like that, who need enemies?