A comic about Democrats and leaks.

Troubled Waters

Dear Readers,

After 18 wonderful months as the creator of RedPanels, I am announcing my retirement. Knowing and interacting with you has made all the labor worthwhile.

My decision is motivated by a bright future. The Meme President has ascended to the throne, Brexit has shaken the foundations of the E.U., and everywhere you look there is a new skepticism of mainstream media. In the midst of all this good fortune I am taking the opportunity to rest.

RedPanels has been the most fun project I have ever undertaken. Producing free comics for you has been immensely rewarding, but future endeavors require the funds that a proper career would provide. As such, I am focusing my time accordingly.

Those who wish to contact me may continue to do so via my official email, admin@redpanels.com, or via Twitter. My comics will be archived on this site for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all.