A farewell comic.

#370 - Hot Mettle

Dear Readers,

After 18 wonderful months as the creator of RedPanels, I am announcing my retirement. Knowing and interacting with you has made all the labor worthwhile.

My decision is motivated by a bright future. The Meme President has ascended to the throne, Brexit has shaken the foundations of the E.U., and everywhere you look there is a new independent media eating the lunch of the mainstream. The Left has been routed and the tide of the culture war turns in our favor. In the midst of all this good fortune I am taking the opportunity to rest.

RedPanels has been the most fun project I have ever undertaken, though it is not the only one I plan to. Producing free comics for you has been immensely rewarding, but future endeavors require the funds that a proper career would provide. As such, I am focusing my time accordingly.

Those who wish to contact me may continue to do so via my official email, admin@redpanels.com, or via Twitter. My comics will be archived on this site for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all.