A comic observing the different responses to Donald Trump

#167 - Between The Lines

While many would believe that Donald Trump's statement concerning rapists immigrating from Mexico to be a political mistake, I think it has already been shown to be a wise move. His refusal to back down differentiated himself from all other candidates running; he was going to stand by his convictions. From a standpoint of fulfilling a market demand, Trump produced exactly the product the voters were clamoring for.

The next runner up for most appealing politician would be Bernie Sanders. A crazed socialist to be sure, but at least a man who served the discontentedness of the voting public. Unfortunately for him, he revealed the weakness of his mettle to the famous ceding of his podium to Black Lives Matter protesters. Moreover, he has elected to forgo the opportunity to win altogether by choosing to politely ignore Hillary Clinton's glaring ethics scandals. Politeness is a fine attribute for a butler, not one of a president. To sell successfully takes courage and only one candidate has monopolized that.