A comic about the YouTuber, Sargon of Akkad, being a hypocrite.

#263 - Neoclassical Liberal

After the publication of this comic, the YouTuber featured in it, Sargon of Akkad, had stated that he had unsure sentiments about the implementation of the minimum wage. This edit has been made to recognize that.

During our talk, he insinuated that I ought to be cautious of soundbites he was keeping track of to use later. As a matter of self-respect, I declined his further request to directly link his channel, as I do not abide threats. This is a courtesy I have extended to other Youtubers, despite our disagreements.

A comic referencing YouTuber, Sargon of Akkad, and his ideological cherry picking.

As the brand of liberalism declines, more and more of it's adherents attempt to distance themselves from the label. We see this in the appropriation the term "classical liberal", "cultural libertarian" and the creation of the classification of "regressive leftist" by other leftists. Their core beliefs, however, rarely change. Hence the curious addition of anti-discrimination to a philosophical label typically opposed to compulsory servitude.

The abandonment of "liberal" is further eased by the insincerity of it's members. That is not to say that I expect liberals, classical or otherwise, not to vote in accordance with their principles. However, how frequently do you imagine they redistribute their own wealth ahead of governance? After all, vegetarians who don't wait for meat to become illegal before they live their own principles.