A comic where a man recieves a social security check and complains about the socialism of 

Bernie Sanders supporters whilst being oblivious to his own collectivist lifestyle.

#156 - Whippersnapper

Much accusation of socialism has been laid at the feet of the millennial, most of it deservedly. However the prevailing narrative in society overlooks the contribution of previous generations to the practice of living off one's neighbor. whether it be the New Deal and Social Security Act of the 1930's or employing themselves to stave off the Soviet boogeyman with the world's most expensive military apparatus, the practice of socialism in America rests on old foundations.

Some may retort that insofar as social security is concerned, they're getting their dues for paying into the system. This ignores the fact that the returns they receive come at the expense of the currently working. Perhaps it is not surprising that children, naturally inclined to imitate their parents, try and turn the practice of collectivism back on their elders.